AMPPS is a WAMP, MAMP and LAMP stack of Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl & Python. Having said that you need to do couple of following steps to run python scrips, but first make take a backup of the conf file before you make any changes. Open httpd.conf ( Apache > configuration ) Include the […]

custom CORS configurations to allow cross domain font access

This sets the Access-Control-Allow-Origin CORS configuration to allow pulling from all domains. You may also want to serve fonts to only specific domain, for that you have to replace ‘*’ with the domain names seperated with comma.

Enalbe mod_expires on server LoadModule expires_module modules/ And make following changes on htaccess file. enable Cache-Control headers

enable Expires headers

You might also turn on the ‘KeepAlive’ connection. Read more on ‘keepalive’ Add the following code on htaccess to turn on ‘KeepAlive’, And you should know that Keepalive will improve website loading […]