Install download the composer using the following curl  command in the terminal: curl -sS | php After the command, you will have composer.phar file in the current directory and the composer command is available as: php composer.phar [composer commnad] In order to make composer available globally, you have to move the recently downloaded composer.phar to local user’s bin folder as follow: […]

custom CORS configurations to allow cross domain font access

This sets the Access-Control-Allow-Origin CORS configuration to allow pulling from all domains. You may also want to serve fonts to only specific domain, for that you have to replace ‘*’ with the domain names seperated with comma.

Enalbe mod_expires on server LoadModule expires_module modules/ And make following changes on htaccess file. enable Cache-Control headers

enable Expires headers

You might also turn on the ‘KeepAlive’ connection. Read more on ‘keepalive’ Add the following code on htaccess to turn on ‘KeepAlive’, And you should know that Keepalive will improve website loading […]

First we create a rule on htaccess and redirect the pdf files to a php with its path as query string

The sample code for the pdf-viewer.php.